is a general architecture corporation based in Honolulu.

Paul F. Morgan, AIA is President and manages the Honolulu office.

A branch office in Kamuela on the Big Island is run by Tom Quinlan.


116 South Hotel Street, Suite 202A

Honolulu, HI 96813

Ph: 808-528-1189

Primary types of work and interests:

Historic preservation, schools, residential, US military projects, ADA upgrades , and renovation of commercial buildings .

Building within a cultural context is an strong firm interest. Structures should reflect their surroundings and the heritage of the area,

reflecting the local traditions and combining them with innovation.

Green Building is a growing interest and the firm is developing its knowledge of green-building techniques.

Paul Morgan is in the process of obtaining LEED (Leadership Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation through the US Green Building Council.

Commercial reroofing : SMA has been involved in reroofing of GTE Hawaiian Telfacilities on all the islands and is experienced in built up modified bitumen roofing aswell as in single-ply membrane reproofing and other types of roofing for tropical climates.

• At Suzuki/Morgan Architects projects are accomplished with computer-aided design and drafting (CADD).

The firm uses both ArchiCAD and AutoCAD.

All construction specifications and cost estimates are on computer base.

All design is performed in the Honolulu office as is most of the construction documentation.

Computer modelling capabilities allow a client to view the project from any side including interior views.

• Suzuki/Morgan Architects carries $1,000,000 in Professional Liability Insurance and also holds General and Automobile Liability Insurance policies.

• Paul Morgan personally has a strong interest in the arts, in education and in not-for-profit organizations.

He is involved in education outside the profession as a board member of the KCAA preschool system and part-time teacher

at Honolulu Community College.

Paul is also interested in history and historic architecture and lectures for the Elder Hostel program on Hawaiian Architecture since Western contact.

Seven generations of family in Hawaii create the context for a strong commitment to the community.


US Tennis Association Outstanding Tennis Facility Award for Rutgers Tennis Center at Hawaii Preparatory Academy

US Air Force Design Awards Program National Honor Award for Conceptual design; Aero medical Clinic, Andersen AFB, Guam

Richard Smart Award (to Tom Quinlan) for Restoration of the Nanbu Hotel, Kapaau, HI

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